About Us

About Us

Simon and Aaron are childhood friends hailing from New York, where they live with their families. Together they co-own MADE Management, which specializes in optimizing a property’s potential.

Simon holds degrees in both Engineering and Business Management. With prior experience in real estate management and energy efficiency, Simon has exceptional knowledge of energy efficient programs and upgrades. This expertise allows made management to optimize a building’s energy usage.

Aaron has a degree in Business Management and is knowledgeable in construction means and methods. This knowledge stems from his family’s kitchen cabinet business, where he started working as a teenager.

Together, Simon and Aaron can maximize the value of real estate investments while building relationships with the owners, employees, tenants and the community.


The Made Capital Group of companies was established in 2018. Since then, they have accumulated over 500 multi-family units along with over 400,000 sf of commercial space. Their tenants include major corporations as well as local businesses and nonprofits. Made Capital maintains a corporate office in NYC along with local offices throughout Connecticut.

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